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We are now NHIF Accredited

We are pleased to inform all our esteemed customers that we are now fully accredited to treatment and rehabilitation services to beneficiaries with national and managed schemes.

Nueva provides an upscale therapeutic intimate environment with first class accommodation in which our clients can expect to receive unparalleled professional help to uncover , address and heal from underlying causes of their self destructive behavior of continued substance use

Nueva provides clinical excellence in the intensive treatment of drug & alcohol addiction & dependence in an exclusive, high end environment conducive to achieving and sustaining long term sobriety .

At Nueva we know that recovery is possible , we believe that addiction is a primary, chronic brain disease. As a result , patients must undergo an abstinence based programme to achieve long lasting.

Our patients leave us in much improved health and carrying a set of therapeutic skills tools that lasts a lifetime, which include :

  • Medical detoxification
  • Inpatient/residential rehab
  • Outpatient rehab

We believe that addiction treatment is most effective when it’s customized to the individual being treated and give a supportive environment through

🎯 individual, group and family therapy
🎯 cognitive behavioral therapy
🎯 contingency Management
🎯 motivational interviewing
🎯 Dialectal Behavioral Therapy
🎯 Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy
🎯 Early recovery skills
🎯 Relapse prevention skills
🎯Family education group session
🎯social support group sessions
🎯 Trauma Therapy
🎯 Grief Therapy
🎯 complementary therapies
🎯 sober living programs
🎯 Aftercare/continuous care

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