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Our team take great care in guiding patients through their treatment experience. Our staff are passionate about their work and we have a mix of professionals to offer world class care and treatment of persons with substance use disorders many have commented that Nueva Esperanza has a warm and family-like atmosphere, which channels the continuity and purpose of our work.
Mrs. Esther Wangui Mucara CEO & Co-Founder

Mrs. Esther Wangui Mucara - CEO & Co-Founder

Wangui is a mental health Nurse and a counselling psychologist.

She has worked in leading private hospitals as a hospital manager, worked in Various Non-Governmental organizations dealing with addiction where she was responsible for directing all treatment services including medical, nursing and therapeutic; she was among the pioneer team to use Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) at Mathari Teaching and Referral hospital for treatment of Opioid addiction and other treatment modalities for persons with substance abuse disorder.

In 2019, she Established Nueva Esperanza treatment and wellness together with her husband, where she started a residential treatment programme and continues to focus on the development of the therapies for the treatment of addiction and the direction and governance of the centre.

Wangui also acts as the Clinical Director of Nueva Rehab, which provides a safe space and a supportive residential treatment programme for the treatment of alcohol, drugs and other behavioural addiction and prevention, rehabilitation and care of persons with substance use disorders and other mental health comorbidities. She is also a board member APRAK (Addiction prevention & Rehabilitation Association of Kenya).

Wangui is also a passionate wellness promoter and a mental health advocate and specializes in recovery and health coaching. She works with all attachments including substance abuse, codependency and food.

My health coaching practice focuses on developing optimal health through promotion, raising awareness about mental health continuum, reduce the stigma associated with mental health illness, promoting health-seeking behaviours and emotional wellbeing, prevention of suicide through individual education and outreach services

Personal Interests: As well as finding time to raise her children Wangui conducts outreach services to communities and families affected by addictions and mental health illness. She is a keen (albeit occasional) golf player, a dog lover and enjoys nature’s walks, she is also an ardent hiker and fitness enthusiast.

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